Dr. Gabrielle K. Gabrielli is an author, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and educator who inspires leadership in others and helps improve motivation, performance, and learning. She is CEO of Gabrielle Consulting, Inc. where her clients include education, large corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, and government. She juggles a variety of projects at her Leadership Development Center from designing award-winning curriculum to teaching human resources topics and coaching executives to achieve higher-level leadership. She is a John C. Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and teacher. As part of Plugged In Leadership and in partnership with Tallahassee Community College, she runs the Leadership Academy of North Florida to provide yearlong leadership development curriculum, coaching, and mentoring to emerging and seasoned leaders. Previously Dr. Gabrielli was associate director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, NY, where she taught computer science. Her successful dissertation, “The Effects of Technology- Mediated Instructional Strategies on Motivation, Performance, and SelfDirected Learning,” had a double-blind experimental research design with 784 cadets, 20% of the population at the academy.

Dr. Gabrielli worked full time to pay her way through college, gaining valuable experience in her field at a young age. Besides being a teenaged entrepreneur (her first business was a video production company) and news reporting, positions held include head of training and development at a state agency, administrator with a K-12 school district, project manager and faculty at Florida State University with a $6.2 million Department of Homeland Security project, and project manager/instructional technologies administrator for the Justice Distance Learning Consortium, a $10 million STAR Schools grant to bring education to incarcerated youth in Texas, Florida, and New York. She is a selfproclaimed geek who is a webmaster and former computer club president. The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce named Gabrielle Consulting, Inc. as 2013 Sole Proprietor of the Year. In 2014, Dr. Gabrielli was selected by the Tallahassee Democrat as one of 25 Women You Need to Know, and she was also awarded the 2014 Parks & Crump Community Champion of the Year.

Dr. Gabrielli holds a B.A. in Communication with an emphasis in journalism from Florida A&M University. She earned her M.A. in Mass Communication, Media Communication, and Marketing Research, and her doctorate in Educational Psychology and Learning Systems- Instructional Systems from Florida State University. She is chair of Jobs and Mentorships for FSU’s Instructional Systems Alumni Council, marketing chair for Florida Capital Chapter of Society of Government Meeting Professionals, and holds several other leadership positions. She has written many articles on leadership, jobs, technology, marketing, generational differences, performance improvement, human resources, and motivation. The textbook Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology (2007, 2011), of which Dr. Gabrielli was an author, received two of the most prestigious awards in the industry. She wrote the Getting a Job in Business and Industry chapter for the book. In her free time, Dr. Gabrielli is SCUBA instructor who earned her Handicapped SCUBA Association certification to teach people with disabilities how to dive. She holds many other certifications including rescue diver and travels extensively to dive and enjoy underwater photography. She does much volunteer work including bringing joy with her certified therapy dog Bodi to Alzheimer’s and hospital patients, evaluator with CHSP, graduate of Leadership Tallahassee, guest instructor with Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities, research diver with Organization for Artificial Reefs, reviewer for empirical journals, former chair of an American Cancer Society event, former media chair of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Complete Count Committee, and organizer of many fundraising events. Dr. Gabrielli travels extensively (75 countries), is trilingual, and is involved with aviation, animal rescue (she has fostered, nurtured, and adopted out over 560 pets), and classic cars. Her passion is to bring education and opportunity to people who need it most (people living in poverty, homebound disabled, incarcerated youth, etc.). She promotes stewardship and lives by the philosophy that life is a journey to be enjoyed- find your passion and live it!

gabrielle@gabrielleconsulting.com 850-321-8222 LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/gabriellefsu